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We offer start to finish processing of clients’ dry and fresh frozen sourced material. Using lab grade butane, we produce premium Shatter, Wax and FreshFrozen Live Resin. To fill your solvent-less needs, we create top-notch Rosin with our state of the art press.


Our facility is a Class 1 Division 1 Laboratory equipped with the EmoTek Obe extractor, a cryogenic freezer and an exclusive commercial rosin press designed to produce first-class extracts.


Each strain in our garden is carefully selected and grown in soil with a nutrient tea to ensure superior terpene and resin profiles, that when extracted, leads to the highest quality concentrates.


We offer pick up and delivery with our refrigerated van that operated in the optimal environment, down to -20 degrees, to keep material and products fresh. Our Apothecary Extracts branded packaging meets all state requirements and is provided for each client.

Our Team

Our Apothecary Extracts Leadership Team has over two decades of experience in creating connoisseur level concentrates. Each team member oversees a specific part of the process to guarantee quality and consistency.

The Industry Leader in High Quality Extracts



Shatter and Wax is produced with premium dried flower or sugar trim. Using our stringent process and high end extraction equipment, we consistently create products that retain the highest cannabinoid and terpene percentages, while removing unwanted lipids.


Ambrosia is our signature live resin that is produced using whole plant material. Once harvest from our client’s garden, it it transferred using our temperature controlled van to a cryogenic freezer. This process allows the extract to retain more terpenes, potency and medicinal effect for patients. The consistency of Live Resin varies from a sappy sugar wax to a caramel budder.


Our Rosin is produced with flower or sugar trim and processed in our one of a kind press that was designed by professional engineers to deliver maximum yields and produce Rosin on a commercial scale. Our Rosin is pressed at low temperatures to retain the greatest terpene and cannabinoid profile. Rosin’s solventless production helps maintain the highest potency.

The Timeline

- Up to 10 Days Total -


1-2 Days

Our extraction specialist performs a visual and fragrant analysis to select your materials idea extraction type, temperature and length to create the highest quality product.


1-2 Days

Our extraction specialist delicately separates desireable cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material using lab grade N-butane. We do not use or mix propane in our solvents to lighten the color of the extract.


1-4 Days

The extracted plant compounds are gently refined to remove any remaining traces of solvent, then structurally manipulated to achieve the desired consistency.


1-2 Days

All products will be sealed and labelled in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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What are your minimums?

Our minimum run is 700g of dry or 4 lbs of fresh frozen material. We can combine varieties of starting material to achieve the required capacities.

Do you offer pickup/delivery?

Yes! We offer free pickup/delivery within 25 miles of our location using our temperature controlled van.

Do you offer 50/50 splits?

We do offer a 50/50 split option for those clients whose starting material meets our quality standards and finished concentrate achieves our desired color, aroma and consistency.

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