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Born from the love for cannabis concentrates, Apothecary Extracts™ has brought high quality, connoisseur level extracts since 2015. Apothecary Extracts™ proudly serves patients, processors, cultivators and dispensaries in both Colorado and Oklahoma.

Our Premium Concentrate Products

At our Apothecary Extracts™ laboratories in Oklahoma and Colorado, we process fresh frozen and dry-cured products into the concentrated products that you have come to know and trust. We offer toll-processing, split processing, and wholesale for licensed facilities in Colorado and Oklahoma. Visit our processing page for more information! 

We offer the following concentrated products through our Apothecary Extracts™ processing facilities: 

  • Ambrosia ™
  • Ambrosia ™ Batter
  • Ambrosia ™ HCFSE
  • Ambrosia ™ HTFSE
  • Ambrosia ™ Sugar
  • Ambrosia ™ Cartridges
  • Shatter
  • Wax 
  • Sugar

Ambrosia™ is our trademarked version of live resin, whole-plant extracts. The full plant is frozen immediately upon harvest, which yields flavorful and aromatic extracts that closely mimic the live cannabis plant. 

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If you are looking for cannabis processing in Colorado or Oklahoma or want to purchase wholesale products – contact us for more details. Get in touch through phone, email, or on the convenient contact form found on our page. At Apothecary Extracts™, we look forward to hearing from you!


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All of our cannabis is grown in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and processed by Apothecary Extracts™ experienced technicians who go above and beyond to ensure our products exceed industry standards for both purity and quality.