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Denver 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

Deals - All Locations

Live product: (Ambrosia, Batter, Syringes) $25g, 8g for $180, 28g for $600, 40g for $850

Carts: $20ea, 16ea for $300, 40ea for $750, 80ea for $1400

Dry Product: (Wax, Shatter Sugar) $12g, 8g for $88, 28g for $300, 40g for $420

Merch: 25% off all Merch in the store

Flower: 14er $160 OZ, Rare Dankness $20 (while supplies last), Select MED flower $20 1/8, $130 oz

Special Items: MED GG#4 Batter $20g, 28g for $400