Unlike traditional cannabis batter, our live resin batter is made with fresh frozen plants that deliver a robust flavor and aroma profile due to their rich terpene content.

Cannabis lovers everywhere are always looking for newer and better cannabis products, and Apothecary Extracts™’ Ambrosia™ line of live resin extracts is just what they’re looking for. Among our line of live resin extracts we’ve introduced a live resin batter, which adds significant flavor and aroma to the dabbing and vaporizing experience.

What Is Cannabis Batter?

Cannabis batter, often spelled “badder”, is our traditional Ambrosia™ live resin extract that undergoes a different post-processing procedure where it is whipped into a fluffy, creamy consistency. The result is a live resin batter that delivers relatively consistent amounts of THC, CBD and terpenes.

Why Live Resin?

Live resin batter refers to cannabis extracts that are made with fresh frozen whole plants. Plants are frozen immediately upon harvest, and are processed in a way that preserves a substantial amount of the plants’ cannabinoid content. 

Difference Between Live Resin Batter & Traditional Batter

Traditional cannabis batters are made using dried, cured plant matter. While this delivers a good overall experience, traditional cannabis batter often contains very low amounts of terpenes, as these are the cannabinoids most susceptible to degradation when the plant is dried and cured. 

Terpenes Make Better Extracts

Terpenes are a cannabinoid that often take a back seat to more traditional cannabinoids like THC and CBD. However, emerging research is beginning to show terpenes play a vital role in modulating the overall physical and physiological effects of cannabis, which means a high terpene live resin batter has a significantly different, and potentially far better, effect on users. 

Apothecary Extracts™ Live Resin Batter

As Colorado’s first extract-focused dispensary, Apothecary Extracts™ has spent half a decade creating high-quality, live resin cannabis extracts. Drop by one of our locations in Denver, Pueblo or Colorado Springs to chat with a budtender and find out more about our live resin batter.

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