Live resin cannabis concentrates deliver the most flavorful and aromatic experience on the market, and Apothecary Extracts™’ trademarked “Ambrosia™” line sets the industry standard for quality.

Not all cannabis concentrates are created equal, and as Colorado’s first marijuana concentrate focussed dispensary, we know that better than anyone. Established in 2015, Apothecary Extracts™ has spent over half a decade crafting the industry’s best cannabis products and concentrates. In fact, we’ve even created our own line of live resin concentrates, “Ambrosia™”, in order to deliver the taste and aroma experience that sets it apart from traditional cannabis concentrates.

Ambrosia™ Products


Our original live resin extract, Ambrosia™ is made of THC crystals that sit in a terp sauce, giving it a beautiful golden amber hue and delivering a well-balanced full spectrum of the plant’s effects.

Ambrosia™ Batter

Our Ambrosia™ Batter has the same makeup as our original Ambrosia™ marijuana concentrate, but it is whipped into a fluffy, battery consistency.

Ambrosia™ HCFSE

HCFSE, or High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract, is the THC portion of our Ambrosia™ without the terpene fraction.

Ambrosia™ HTFSE

HTFSE, or High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract, is the terpene fraction separated from the HCFSE, which results in a powerfully flavorful and aromatic smoking experience.

Ambrosia™ Sugar

Using the same material as our original Ambrosia™, our Ambrosia™ Sugar undergoes a slightly different post-processing technique, resulting in a live spectrum extract with smaller cannabinoid crystals.

Ambrosia™ SHO (Solventless Hash Oil)

A live resin, full spectrum hash created without the use of solvents, using only pressure and heat.

Ambrosia™ Cannabis Concentrates For Sale

Apothecary Extracts™ is dedicated to providing the highest quality extracts at fair, reliable prices. You can find Apothecary Extracts™ Ambrosia™ cannabis concentrates for sale in our Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo locations; drop by and chat with an experienced budtender to learn which cannabis concentrate is right for you! 

Other Products

All of our cannabis is grown in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and processed by Apothecary Extracts™ experienced technicians who go above and beyond to ensure our products exceed industry standards for both purity and quality.